Bed & Breakfast in Carlisle

The No 1 Guest House offers delicious bed and breakfast in Carlisle, including both traditional and Vegetarian Breakfast.

Breakfast Menu

Full english breakfast menu

Our bacon is traditionally reared by local farmers.

Our eggs are free range


Cheese Omelette

All served with mushrooms and tomato

We request that you order your breakfast the night before if you do not wish to do this please allow plenty of time in the morning as we cook fresh to order

Vegetarian & Vegan Breakfast Menu

Guests are invited to help themselves to Cereal Yoghurt and Fruit from the dresser

Vegetarian options

Pancakes filled with mixed vegetables and rice

Baked eggs with mushrooms


Potato wedges with tomato and mushrooms fried in walnut oil accompanied with linseed oil bread toasted.

We aim to please if there is nothing you like on the menu please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

The above must be ordered the night before as it takes time to cook.

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